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Sheer Gradient Watercolor Nail Art Tutorial

Here with some larger than life dandelions

It’s been a while hasn’t it? The past year has been whirlwind for me – hence the lack of updates. But of course, I always had the time to get some polish on my nails. Better late then never? :-)

I shared the Madeline Poole American Apparel Sheer nail polish design previously, now here’s the tutorial:



The full set

Gorgeous, innit?

I’ve been trying to get those polishes but unfortunately American Apparel doesn’t ship the polishes to sunny Singapore, where I am, but I finally managed to get them during my trip to London! Lacking all self-restraint, I got three colours at the first store and went back for one more at the second (not all stores had the full range).

I didn’t get all of them, but I did get a bunch of the different colours I particularly liked.

A little worn from several uses…

From top to bottom: Moonlight Beach (blue), Manhattan Beach (coral), Pacific Beach (green), Zuma Beach (lighter green – reminds me of wasabi!)

They’re all very fluid, and very sheer. That also makes them super easy to layer to create this watercoloured effect – which I ADORE.

You can play around with the colour combinations, but I would recommend going with the lighter colour below and then thin coats of the darker colour over, just so you can control how dark the shades go.

On the first try. This was a little dark with 4-5 coats.

Pardon the cuticles…

It was a sunny summer’s day out, hence the bright sunlight

Mixed reactions over this colour combination but I for one love it! Reminds me of summer and Snapple’s kiwi strawberry drink

With a layer of Seche Vite over these lasted me 1-2 weeks, pretty long wear I’d say. I’ve since done the blue/green combination several times on my finger and toe nails and I love how they give a sort of depth to what would otherwise be a boring solid colour.

Here with some larger than life dandelions

What do you think? Would you try these sheer polishes out?

How to paint your nails perfectly

how to paint nails properly

Not everyone is born with the talent for painting nails perfectly. When I first started painting my nails I absolutely HATED it because I was so rubbish at it. I would get nail polish all over my fingers, outside of my nails and cleaning it up would take even longer than painting my nails.

I finally figured out how it was supposed to be done when I started going for manicures. If you look at how manicurists paint nails, you’ll find that they have a certain technique that ensures a neat coat of polish covering the whole nail every time.

Crackle nail polish – How does it work?

OPI China Glaze crackle nail polish

Crackle nail polish is one of my favorite innovations in nail polish. It’s the lazy girl’s manicure saver and a minor marvel to watch. It’s caught on in the recent years and it’s available almost everywhere, in various colors.

Here are some of my favorite designs. The combinations are endless and always unique:

Crackle nail polish red and black

crackle nail polish silver and black

Whimsical colourful nails with bright feather accents

feathery nails

Whimsical colorful feather nails

Phew, it has been quite awhile since my last manicure post. Work has rendered me unmotivated to do anything other than sit in front of the telly. So last week I finally made time to do my nails, after sporting a week’s worth of chipped polish.

This design is really easy to do and it looks artsy and interesting. I got this done in about an hour (could’ve been significantly less if I didn’t keep scratching and bumping my nails on everything), and it was so much fun to do.

Glitter nail polish and nail art designs

Glitter nail polish

My current star product is glitter nail polish. It’s basically clear or coloured nail polish with specks of glitter in it.

deborah lippmann glitter nail polish

Clear glitter nail polish, in particular, is the best cheat for a quick glam nail design. It’s versatile enough to used as a base, or as a top coat to add that sparkle to your nail colour.

The best thing about this new trend is that nail polish brands are coming up with lots of different types of glitter polishes. You can choose from a whole bunch of colours (silver, gold, multi, etc), shapes (hearts, stars, confetti…) and sizes (microscopic to ostentatious). The possibilities are endless!

Marni inspired nail art: Florals (more pictures)

nailartlove-marni spring 2012 floral nail art manicure

marni spring 2012 floral nail art manicure

I’ve come into the strange habit of painting only the nails on my left hand now that I don’t have lots of time to spare (I’m right handed). It’s funny how I sometimes end up doing a better job on my right hand. Anyhow, here’s the Marni florals without the stripes.

For this manicure I used the same base of Snow and dotted the flowers with Flyin’ High and High Hopes (all from China Glaze).  Finally starting to get a hang of this nail pen!

Marni inspired nail art: Florals and stripes

Today’s manicure is inspired by Marni’s Spring 2012 Ready To Wear line. Marni did some pretty cool florals that I tried to replicated on my nails:

Marni Spring 2012 floral patterns

Marni Spring 2012 floral patterns close up

Also the main reason why I tried this design was cos I recently got my hands on a black nail pen (finally!) from one of the nail stores in town. It’s brandless and cost only S$7 (US$3), quite a steal. I’ve been dying to test it out for about a week but just couldn’t find the time. I also got some new nail colours (Snow and Papaya Punch from China Glaze) that this design was perfect for.

marni floral patterns with orange stripes nail art

Chanel Fall 2012 inspired pastel pink with silver nail art

chanel fall 2012 couture nails

Top 5 nail art trends for Summer 2012

Top5-nail art trends for summer 2012 (neon, tribal, french tips and more)

Nails are all the buzz this summer – they’re fun, easy to do and they’re new fashion accessory. Take your look effortlessly from work to play to everywhere in between with these top 5 nail art trends of the summer.

Easy colorblock chevron nails tutorial

Triangle colorblock chevron geometric nails tutorial

Want easy DIY nails? Or are you looking for a manicure that is appropriate for work? Then these colorblock chevron nails are perfect for you. They’re easy to do and look modern yet professional. You only need to follow these simple steps to achieving this look.

For this manicure I used Flyin High and Sunset Sail by China Glaze. China Glaze is one of my favourite brands of nail polish to use cos I have small nails and the smaller brush is the perfect size. I’m also using Orly’s Sec ‘N Dry quick dry top coat, but you can use any other quick dry top coat. Another thing you’ll need is scotch tape, or any ordinary stationery tape.

Step 1: Paint on your base nail colour. Here I’m using Sunset Sailas the base colour. I used two coats to ensure that the colour is opaque. Paint on a layer of your quick dry top coat and leave to dry for about 10 minutes to ensure that it’s completely dry.

Step 2: When you’re sure that it’s completely dry (I cannot overemphasise this!), stick on a square of scotch tape, creating a V outline on your nail with it. Paint the uncovered area in your second colour – Flyin High
in my case.

Step 3: As the polish is drying, slowly peel the tape off. Touch up any smudge areas with a small nail brush.

Step 4: Go over your mani with a top coat, and repeat for your other fingers. Tadah!

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. Comment and let me know how it went for you if you tried this!