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Sheer Gradient Watercolor Nail Art Tutorial

Here with some larger than life dandelions

It’s been a while hasn’t it? The past year has been whirlwind for me – hence the lack of updates. But of course, I always had the time to get some polish on my nails. Better late then never? :-)

I shared the Madeline Poole American Apparel Sheer nail polish design previously, now here’s the tutorial:



The full set

Gorgeous, innit?

I’ve been trying to get those polishes but unfortunately American Apparel doesn’t ship the polishes to sunny Singapore, where I am, but I finally managed to get them during my trip to London! Lacking all self-restraint, I got three colours at the first store and went back for one more at the second (not all stores had the full range).

I didn’t get all of them, but I did get a bunch of the different colours I particularly liked.

A little worn from several uses…

From top to bottom: Moonlight Beach (blue), Manhattan Beach (coral), Pacific Beach (green), Zuma Beach (lighter green – reminds me of wasabi!)

They’re all very fluid, and very sheer. That also makes them super easy to layer to create this watercoloured effect – which I ADORE.

You can play around with the colour combinations, but I would recommend going with the lighter colour below and then thin coats of the darker colour over, just so you can control how dark the shades go.

On the first try. This was a little dark with 4-5 coats.

Pardon the cuticles…

It was a sunny summer’s day out, hence the bright sunlight

Mixed reactions over this colour combination but I for one love it! Reminds me of summer and Snapple’s kiwi strawberry drink

With a layer of Seche Vite over these lasted me 1-2 weeks, pretty long wear I’d say. I’ve since done the blue/green combination several times on my finger and toe nails and I love how they give a sort of depth to what would otherwise be a boring solid colour.

Here with some larger than life dandelions

What do you think? Would you try these sheer polishes out?

Crackle nail polish – How does it work?

OPI China Glaze crackle nail polish

Crackle nail polish is one of my favorite innovations in nail polish. It’s the lazy girl’s manicure saver and a minor marvel to watch. It’s caught on in the recent years and it’s available almost everywhere, in various colors.

Here are some of my favorite designs. The combinations are endless and always unique:

Crackle nail polish red and black

crackle nail polish silver and black

Gorgeous Japanese nail art

nailartlove japanese nail art

Okay, so the Japanese practically invented nail art (although some say it was the Italians, God knows why). Flip through any Japanese nail art magazine and you’ll be greeted by some of the most gravity-defying, embellished nail designs you’ll ever see. They have a fondness for bling, pearls, baubles,  sequins, not to mention cutesy motifs – Hello Kitty is a perennial favourite (see below).

japanese 3d nail art

Known as Japanese 3D nail art, these designs are not only expensive but can take a whole day to complete. These designs have been so popular in Japan, Hong Kong and Korea over the past decade that they’ve even reached the shores of US cities like California, where 3D nail artists are setting up shop.

I’m not about to question the Japanese penchant for all things kawaii/bling – they have their own style and they rock it. It’s just that these designs are not really, how should I put it… practical for daily life. In fact, I don’t think I would even be comfortable with a fully blinged out phone cover, much less 10 mini ones on my fingertips.

But I must admit that I truly adore Japanese nail art – when it’s done well (and not too over-the-top), it can truly be considered art.

Here’s some of my favourites:

Gradient nails tutorial

Stumbled on this fun and easy gradient nails tutorial by The Nailsaurus and thought I’d share it with you. All you need is two nail colours, some makeup or general purpose sponge, a plastic sheet and a top coat. (I’ve recently done a review of some of my favourite quick dry top coats – check it out here) I’ve found that name cards are great bases for mixing nail colours too, if you find yourself without any plastic sheets or baking paper for that.

See the full tutorial here.

Glamourous gradient nails

Source: omoimono

So I’m not usually a fan of anything too girly, but this manicure is just gorgeous. Love the texture and use of different shades of purple.

American Apparel Sheer nail polish

american apparel sheer nails

american apparel sheer nail polish

american apparel sheer nail polish

Gorgeous perfect-for-summer nails by Madeline Poole using American Apparel’s new line of Sheer nail polishes. They are quick drying and long lasting, retailing for US$6 a pop (according to AA’s website). They come in 6 vibrant colours and you can buy them here.

PS. Madeline Poole’s promised tutorials on how to do this look soon, check back for news on that.