How to paint your nails perfectly

how to paint nails properly

Not everyone is born with the talent for painting nails perfectly. When I first started painting my nails I absolutely HATED it because I was so rubbish at it. I would get nail polish all over my fingers, outside of my nails and cleaning it up would take even longer than painting my nails.

I finally figured out how it was supposed to be done when I started going for manicures. If you look at how manicurists paint nails, you’ll find that they have a certain technique that ensures a neat coat of polish covering the whole nail every time.

So here’s a cheat sheet I found that explains exactly how to paint nails perfectly and professionally:

how to paint nails perfectly cheat sheet

(click to enlarge!)

This video by Miss Jen Fabulous also gives a clearer picture of how you should be painting your nails:

My tips for on how to paint nails perfectly:

  • The trick is to get just the right amount of nail polish on the brush. What I do is brush the nail polish brush on the side of the bottle neck a few times to get excess nail polish off. The amount of nail polish in your brush should be just enough for you to paint one or two straight drags on your nail.
  • Don’t start from the cuticle base but just a little above it (like in the diagram), so that the nail polish doesn’t pool at the base but is evenly spread out.
  • Use even less nail polish when you’re painting the curves of your nail (step 6). That’s where it’s harder to control your strokes and this means polish pools and smudges more easily.

Practice makes perfect, so if at first you don’t get you’ll get better, neater nails as long as you keep trying. If you still get the errant bits of nail polish on the skin around your nails, some nail polish remover and cotton buds will do the trick.

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  2. kassy says:

    OMG!!!Tank you for puting up the guide of how to paint your nails PERFECTLY.My nails came out like if i had just got them done.