Easy colorblock chevron nails tutorial

Triangle colorblock chevron geometric nails tutorial

Want easy DIY nails? Or are you looking for a manicure that is appropriate for work? Then these colorblock chevron nails are perfect for you. They’re easy to do and look modern yet professional. You only need to follow these simple steps to achieving this look.

For this manicure I used Flyin High and Sunset Sail by China Glaze. China Glaze is one of my favourite brands of nail polish to use cos I have small nails and the smaller brush is the perfect size. I’m also using Orly’s Sec ‘N Dry quick dry top coat, but you can use any other quick dry top coat. Another thing you’ll need is scotch tape, or any ordinary stationery tape.

Step 1: Paint on your base nail colour. Here I’m using Sunset Sailas the base colour. I used two coats to ensure that the colour is opaque. Paint on a layer of your quick dry top coat and leave to dry for about 10 minutes to ensure that it’s completely dry.

Step 2: When you’re sure that it’s completely dry (I cannot overemphasise this!), stick on a square of scotch tape, creating a V outline on your nail with it. Paint the uncovered area in your second colour – Flyin High
in my case.

Step 3: As the polish is drying, slowly peel the tape off. Touch up any smudge areas with a small nail brush.

Step 4: Go over your mani with a top coat, and repeat for your other fingers. Tadah!

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. Comment and let me know how it went for you if you tried this!

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