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Crackle nail polish – How does it work?

OPI China Glaze crackle nail polish

Crackle nail polish is one of my favorite innovations in nail polish. It’s the lazy girl’s manicure saver and a minor marvel to watch. It’s caught on in the recent years and it’s available almost everywhere, in various colors.

Here are some of my favorite designs. The combinations are endless and always unique:

Crackle nail polish red and black

crackle nail polish silver and black

Is Seche Vite the best quick dry top coat? A review of the best instant-drying top coats

Best instant drying top coats (Seche Vite dry fast top coat)

Before I discovered instant-drying top coats back in 2006 (a little slow, I know), painting my nails was a chore. With so much to do, I barely had any time or patience to sit around for hours waiting for my nails to dry. Plus there was no guarantee that my nails wouldn’t be ruined by bed sheet marks or smudges if I painted them at night before going to bed.

Enter this miracle invention. Now I could have picture perfect manicures in a matter of minutes. The instant-drying top coat became a mainstay in my beauty cabinet. Years since my first discovery of this miracle product, I’ve been on the hunt for the best quick drying top coat. So which exactly ranks tops on my list?

American Apparel Sheer nail polish

american apparel sheer nails

american apparel sheer nail polish

american apparel sheer nail polish

Gorgeous perfect-for-summer nails by Madeline Poole using American Apparel’s new line of Sheer nail polishes. They are quick drying and long lasting, retailing for US$6 a pop (according to AA’s website). They come in 6 vibrant colours and you can buy them here.

PS. Madeline Poole’s promised tutorials on how to do this look soon, check back for news on that.

Tips on applying magnetic nail polish

Magnetic nail polish

Magnetic nail polish is one of the more novel nail products to hit stores in recent times. But did you know that it’s actually been around for quite awhile? The trend was recently revived by a few nail brands (such as Nails Inc), joining the crop of innovative, customisable nail polish products.

Magnetic nail polish (sunburst pattern)

Source: O’Neill Girls, Beauty Ramp

Magnetic nail polish is simple and easy to use. The polish has iron powder in it, which form patterns when a magnet is placed above the nail. Magnets that come with the magnetic nail polishes have patterns in them. If you want a consistent pattern on every nail, you just need to use the same magnet and hold it over your nail steadily. Because the design is determined by the magnetic attraction, using the magnet will result in a similar but slightly unique pattern with each use.

How to use:

1) Paint a base coat over your nail.

2) Next, paint one coat of magnetic nail polish as you would normal nail polish. Don’t use the magnet on it for the first coat. This coat is meant to make the colour more distinct.

3) Paint another coat of magnetic nail polish over when the first coat is slightly dry.

4) Here comes the fun part. Before your nail polish dries, use the magnet provided with the nail polish (or find any magnet if you’re feeling adventurous). Hold it over your nail and watch as the pattern changes. Different nail polish brands provide different types of magnets that allow you to achieve various patterns. The usual patterns are stripes and sunbursts.

China Glaze has a cool Magnetix Magnet that comes with starburst, arrow and stripes designs. You can also get the China Glaze Magnetix Collection with magnet.

Try it today!


Magnetic nail polish

Magnetic Nail Polish from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

Magnetic nail polish is all the rage now. It’s great for a customised design, especially if you don’t have too much time to spare. After crackled nail polish, this is one of the more interesting nail polish innovations that are popping up.

How does it work?

Remember that science experiment you did in school with magnets, the one where you use a magnet to create shapes with iron filings? That’s essentially how magnetic nail polish works. Tiny metal shavings are mixed into the nail polish, though they are so small they don’t really affect its texture. When a magnet is held close to these metal bits, they become attracted and move in the direction of the magnet. The lighter parts in the nail polish are where the metal shavings are concentrated due to magnetic attraction.

All you have to do is paint a coat (or two) onto your nail like regular nail polish. and use the magnetised cap of the nail polish or attached magnet (while it’s still wet!) above your painted nail to create a magnetic pattern.

Check out some of my tips on applying magnetic nail polish.

Try it and submit your own design or tutorial!

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